Amok Q&A

Well, not a lot in the way of questions, this time around; C’est la vie! But some decent stuff happening nonetheless. First, well, even fewer actual votes for the character poll than I’ve gotten before… Makes me wonder whether I should even bother continuing with them, but considering how low-effort they are and how they still help me get a feeling for the characters people like, I probably will anyway. Ariel got top at 7 votes; Li Fang Fen and Jack Knife got 6 each, and poor Dane only got 2. That leaves Jack Black and Jack and Jill at 1 vote each, with Jackass, Jackfruit, and Jackal at 0 each; Poor bastards. But not exactly surprising.

In more monetary terms, there’s an overwhelming preference for Patreon style things. Here’s the preview link for what I’ve put together.¬†

Let me break it down

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Chapter 23: The Way Home

“Do you think she’s okay?” I whispered softly, glancing back up the stairs. My arms still ached from the bullets. Small marks showed where they had penetrated my shoulders, elbows, and wrists, gumming up my joints and leaving me helpless while I watched the fight. My gun hung from one hand, my purse lost somewhere in the chaos and melee up above.

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Chapter 22: Journey’s End

Many things describe me and my sisters. I am Air, which can mean Wind, or Storms, or Breath, or Movement, or Freedom, or any of a countless number of other connections humans make between seemingly unrelated topics. They are prone to finding patterns in things. So I am a varied and complex being. But all of that can be boiled down to two things: The good, and the bad. My sisters are the same way. We are composed of the sweet, gentle aspects of the world. Air that nourishes lungs, breezes that cool temples, skies that offer freedom. I am full of so many good, and wonderful things. Love among them, I realized now.

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