Skin Hunger Afterthoughts

Another novel finished! Good times as always. As always, there will be a brief period before the next story starts- This one, for me to write the next story. I know I’ve fallen behind; Work has been a bear, and relationships more so. Nonetheless, there will still be regular content, and if you can’t stand the lack of my writing- Well, there’s always my patreon! Shilling aside, I’d love to hear any questions or comments people have; I always enjoy talking about my work, and hearing people ask questions shows me that people care enough to think about it, so please, contact me, either in the comments, or via

A few notable things about this story…

The twist- with Ku-Thule being Howard- was something I only really came up with relatively late in the story, but I adjusted it a bit after coming up with it to foreshadow it more- same for Walter having his heart on the wrong side of his body, and a few other things. This is part of why I don’t post the chapters as soon as I finish them- There’s nothing like proper foreshadowing, for me!

One of the things I hate in a lot of modern fantasy stuff is how the magical stuff is somehow magically always kept out of the eye of the public. Like, if any of those things are acknowledged, the rest will all naturally have to come out, and it will become an entirely different kind of genre. I wanted to avoid that- which is why the Atlanteans emerged. I want them to have a real impact on the setting- But in a way that remains nonetheless realistic to how our world might change if weird fish people who are biologically human and who have a culture and technology oriented around divine power were to appear. We’re good at making the amazing seem mundane. But we’re also good at realizing how amazing the mundane can be. I’m looking forward to that, a lot.

While writing this, I had a lot of thoughts leading up to chapter 12 about how, exactly, Horace was going to respond to Betty. For quite a while, I strongly considered having her weakened by him having a lack of faith in her. That he would be wounded by everything that happened, and let her down. I’m very glad I said to hell with that notion, because in a very real way, sometimes, it’s just Horace and Betty against a cold and uncaring cosmos.

Also, you’ll notice, I’ve been foreshadowing the whole ‘Longfish’ thing for quite a long time. I like foreshadowing. Wonder what minor references I’ll be turning into a full story next!

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Chapter 21: Horace Ties Up Loose Ends

There was something in the room with me. Breathing. A presence. Evil, and hungry. I lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling as the car lights far below flashed by. The darkness fled from the lights in stripes across the ceiling, and then returned once the car had gone. I couldn’t lift my head. Couldn’t look away. I could still remember the sight of Daryl, as he told me that I was worth more than his father. Still remember Betty’s expression as she begged me to stop. Begged me not to give too much. I could have given more. Damn it, I had so much, and I couldn’t use it for anything. I could have saved him. I wouldn’t have died. If I hadn’t been such a coward…

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Chapter 20: Betty Finishes It

I slowly set down Ku’s father, resting him on the ground. The street lights were on, and the sky was black, the skyscrapers on either side lit up bright. There was no questioning what city I was in; New York had a smell all its own. John Pertwee faced me, his eyes wide, his gray hair flapping in the soft breeze. He held the sword in one hand, his shirt sleeve loose now, flapping in the air, bringing attention to that missing arm. He stared at me with a sense of loathing that I had felt in very few humans, every tendon standing out, his eyes wide and unblinking. He was fighting the very desperate urge to run away from me. “What is it,” I asked softly, “about you Order of Set assholes? What is it that drives you to attack me, time and again?”

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