Chapter 2: Horace Gets A Job.

The Ford Thunderbird was deceptively roomy. Not so roomy that Ku could fit in the front with me. Just roomy enough that, sprawled out, her hair acting like an impromptu blanket, she could stretch out across the leather interior of the back seat, hair preventing her rough skin from slashing open the seats. The car didn’t even ride low with her there, a testament to the fine engineering, and the fact that the damn thing was built out of two tons of stainless steel. That would mean that paying for gas would be a bitch. Here I’d been complaining about SUVs for most of my adult life, and this thing would probably make them look sensible and affordable by comparison.

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Border Guard Here’s this month’s Patreon novella, which is a story about what’s been happening in Zion since A Serpent in Zion, with some familiar faces from A Serpent in Zion, and A Stranger in Paradise. Drama, slice of life, and some romance. Enjoy this first free chapter out of four!

Chapter 1: Dog Days


Every good story uses threes. The reasons for this are complicated, but mostly come down to what humans call prime numbers. Numbers that cannot be easily separated. Amounts which are difficult to split. From such unity comes strength, but also, great pride and a tendency towards self-reinforcing behavior. Three, Five, Seven, Eleven; Thirteen.

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I Know What I Like

This month’s story is a tale of theft, value, and fallen angels! I was more than a little inspired by Persona 5 and the fine art of the in-media-res in writing it. Chapter 1 follows, and the full 4 chapter novella is available at my patreon, here!

I’m working on Chapter 13 of Skin Hunger, and my current job finally- after four goddamn MONTHS- finished. There’s some other stuff going on in my life at the moment but I’m hoping to have Skin Hunger starting posting soon, and I apologize for the delays!

Chapter 1: Interrogation

There is an art to a proper beating. Damaging enough to hurt, not so damaging that it kills the victim. The parade of padded knuckles and body blows that can leave a victim brutalized without giving a hint of how badly they’ve been beaten. The nose unbroken, the body free of bruises, the skin not contused. The art of the abusive husband. The art of the secret bully. The art of the police officer. The sequence practiced by those who must maintain an image of moral fortitude, in spite of all their deeds. If a martial art was named for that which inspired it, then surely this panoply of beatings and soul-breaking torment would be called the Upright Constable Style.

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Snakes In Their Lane

This month’s commission is courtesy of Kalik Long, who wanted to see something about Jormungandr, or something involving Horace, Betty, and Li Xue Zi; I ended up compromising, as you might guess from the title! This commission goes out to all the great friends and fans who have been supporting my Patreon, and because of their generosity, comes to you free! I’ll be posting it in two parts; one today, one on this coming Tuesday! I’m nearly halfway finished with Skin Hunger, so hopefully I’ll be having it started out in not too long.

While Betty has been busy in Paradise, Horace has had his own adventures- But where has Li Xue Zi been through everything, and what happened to Jormungandr after she took the meteor head-on?

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