Delectable Corpse

What’s the difference between a lawyer and a vampire? One’s a bloodsucking parasitic monster, and the other one frequently wears a cape.

Atina Leroux’s got a decent law practice going. It helps that she’s the only human lawyer in Binghamton who knows about the supernatural community. But with success comes notoriety, and with notoriety comes people who need help. When a young woman stumbles into her office ranting about a dead boyfriend and with suspicious bite marks on her throat, Atina finds herself falling in the deep end of supernatural politics.

Now the Night Court is being called to order. People are making dire threats, friends are terrified, and old players are getting back into the game. In the face of recent events, the supernatural world’s starting to panic, and power structures that have been stable for hundreds of years are shifting. Atina’s going to have to deal with punk ghouls, soccer hooligan fairies, undead mafiosos, an entire jury of hidebound undead, and more vampires than you can shake a cross at.

The only thing keeping her alive is that murder is considered terribly sloppy as a way to make an argument, and when the stakes are this high, embarrassment might not be enough to save her life.

For those who enjoy: Modern Fantasy, Legal Thrillers, The Dresden Files, Horror, Law, and Case Files.

Arc 1: Discovery

Chapter 1: A Young Woman, In Dire Straits

Chapter 2: Worryingly Helpful Friends

Case Files 1: Vampires, Ghouls, and Ghosts

Chapter 3: Kind-hearted Killers

Chapter 4: Keeping the Wolf from the Door

Chapter 5: The Adversarial System

Case Files 2:Redcaps, The Half-Faced Man, and Dragons

Arc 2: Pre-Trial

Chapter 6: Hope Means A Lot

Chapter 7: Cruor, Ichor, and Gore

Chapter 8: An Unexpected Guest

Case Files 3: Wizards

Chapter 9: Did You Think It Would Be That Easy

Chapter 10: The World Is Going Mad

Case Files 4: Camazotz, Strix, and Heroes

Arc 3: Court

Chapter 11: Crooked Body and Twisted Hair

Chapter 12: What Goes Around Comes Around

Chapter 13: Out of the Woods

Chapter 14: I Am Not Dead Yet

Chapter 15: Up Shit Creek Without A Boat

Chapter 16: Hun-Came Appears

Chapter 17: Sunrise

Arc 4: Settlement

Chapter 18: This Too Shall Pass


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