A Stranger in Paradise

There’s trouble in Paradise.

Founded hundreds of years ago, the Fourth City was meant to be a refuge. A place of peace, a retreat from the world. But in the wake of Zion’s destruction, it has begun to fester. Gods of many nations gather together here, under the watchful eye of the Good King, the Defender of Christianity, Prester John. Now, his reign is being challenged, the Horsemen are getting in, and he’s called in a neutral party.

Queen Betty, the goddess Bastet, is the only god strong enough to fix things who doesn’t already have a side in this game. But she’s not at her best. Her human is far away, safe from the machinations of the gods, leaving her weak. She is tormented by old memories resurfacing of why she left the gods in the first place. She’s surrounded by servants of the Horsemen. Cannibals, serial killers, billionaires.

And most ominous of all are the rumors of a man who fights gods, and wins. A man who destroyed the Fifth City. A man who they say is in Paradise, even now. And there’s only one reason he could be there. To destroy the Fourth City.

And the question she has to ask herself is, does Betty even want to stop that?

Arc 1: Genesis

Chapter 1: The Heavens and the Earth
Chapter 2: Never Again a Flood
Chapter 3: In His Own Image
Chapter 4: Threescore and Ten
Chapter 5: Seven Times Over
Chapter 6: Let There Be Light
Chapter 7: Bone of my Bones, Flesh of my Flesh

Arc 2: Codex Borbonicus

Chapter 8: Tecpatl
Chapter 9: Ocelotl
Chapter 10: Malinalli
Chapter 11: Ozohmatli
Chapter 12: Acatl
Chapter 13: Cuetzpalin
Chapter 14: Nemontemi

Arc 3: Creole

Chapter 15: Mo Hayi Twa
Chapter 16: Mo Laimé Twa
Chapter 17: Vwyaje
Chapter 18: Manjé
Chapter 19: Dansé
Chapter 20: Kombaté
Chapter 21: Swét

Arc 4: Inferno

Chapter 22: For the Straightforward Pathway Had Been Lost
Chapter 23: Ye Who Enter Here
Chapter 24: This Miserable Measure the Wretched Souls Maintain
Chapter 25: Papé Satan Aleppe
Chapter 26: The Vice and Virtue of Mankind
Chapter 27: Abandon All
Chapter 28: Hope

Arc 5: Revelations

Chapter 29: And I Saw An Angel Coming Down Out Of Heaven
Chapter 30: The Seventh Angel
Chapter 31: And Its Rider’s Name Was Death
Chapter 32: He Was Hurled To Earth
Chapter 33: The Second Death
Chapter 34: Alpha and Omega
Chapter 35: War in Heaven
Chapter 36: Every Tear From Their Eyes