Book 6: Skin Hunger

When the cat’s away… With Queen Betty off in Paradise, fighting to preserve the world, things are probably calm for Horace. Trying to keep his job, dealing with odd co-workers, doing his best not to worry about Betty, the usual things. Another day in a peaceful life. But of course, Dramatic Irony has a sense of humor, and it’s a mean one. Before Betty has been gone a single day, Horace finds himself approached by a desperate young woman, who brings news: Another dimension is about to declare war on humanity for the crimes committed against them.

Horace needs to get to Betty. He’s out of his depth, and he doesn’t have any of his usual friends available. He’s well aware that he’s not a fighter. He can’t stop a war by himself. He needs help, and fast, but the world seems to be getting in his way. Dark gods are stirring up a war between humans and the dwellers of Atlantis. Between the tame gods of Atlantis and the devastating technological weapons of humanity, it’s very possible that neither side will survive the coming war.

Horace can’t do this on his own.


Arc 1
Chapter 1: A Shark Tries To Bite Horace.
Chapter 2: Horace Gets A Job.
Chapter 3: Ku Visits A Buffet

Arc 2

Arc 3

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Arc 6

Arc 7