September Novella

This month’s novella is Street People. New York City is a big place, and even with a protector like Betty, the streets are still dangerous. More so when Ford-Bee is driving them. Four short stories of Ford-Bee’s connections with the city, experiencing the desperation that it can breed in people, and trying to make people think a little bit more, about their tools, and about each other… To see the full thing, just check out

Chapter 1: Valentine’s Day

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August Novella

This is my first direct sequel story- Bi-Shoggoth, the sequel to August 2017’s ‘That Thing’! Spoilers abound for that story, but if you know my style, it’s probably nothing you didn’t see coming. If you’re interested in reading the full work- And That Thing, for that matter- they’re available for just a dollar here!

Chapter 1: Slicing Life

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July Novella

This is Boneyard Dogs. It’s the late 1800s, at the height of the Bone Wars, and a young woman has left home to seek her fate under the Wyoming sky. In the old days, the waning time of the gods, as the supernatural vanished, there was nonetheless rumors- bones walking the night, the war turned hot. The frontier exists for a reason, to provide a place for those who cannot abide the law, but every frontier is closed sooner or later… Full novella is available here:

Chapter 1: The Roadrunner Cannot Harm The Coyote

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June Novella

This is A Big Bright Shining Star, the story of Ishtar, the story of the Vampire Mistress of Silicone Valley, and a guy named Hugh. It’s the story of certain doom, and mortals caught in the games of gods. And it’s the story of porn. Sex Comedy, Action. First chapter is available here, the rest of the novella is available here:

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April Patreon Novella

As is pretty much expected for someone who writes, I’ve fallen behind on things; Life, obligations, and so forth. Catching up now! Here’s the April Novella, Secrets- looking at the lives of those who walk in the backgrounds of Hell’s Kitchen Sink.

Entire thing is available here, for just a dollar!

The first of four chapters follows.

Chapter 1: Bella

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March Patreon Novella

This month’s Patreon Novella is Still Life. A young man awakens after the end of the world to find a town full of silent, unmoving mannequins. If you’re interested in reading the entire thing, all of the novellas are available here for only a dollar a month- And we’re up to 12 novellas, one full year!

The first of four chapters follows.

Chapter 1: Apples in a Dish

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