Sometimes, when your life seems like it’s hit the bottom of the barrel, any change is a good one. Horace Creed is working a dead end job, living in a dead man’s apartment, has a long-dead father, and he feels dead inside. When something horrible tries to murder him, it turns out to be the best thing that’s happened in his life. The next thing he knows, he has a cat who tells him that the world is ending, and she’s going to be the one to save it. Queen Betty is the guardian of humanity, finding the things in the darkness and stopping them before they can hurt humanity. And she’s chosen Horace to make sure she’s fed, and has a roof over her head.

And it’s a tricky time to do even that. New York City is struggling. Heat waves, bouts of plague, a sanitation worker strike, serial killings, a haunted apartment, and a landmark case on the recognition of a fringe religious organization- All these and more are in Betty’s way, and she may not be able to handle them alone. Horace’s only hope is to find people who will help Betty save the world. A disillusioned vigilante police sergeant, a homeless former investigative reporter, an ancient Chinese snake demon, and Horace’s own embittered, elderly uncle, must come together. And the lingering question of Horace’s father’s murder will return to haunt him.

When you trust someone, sometimes, you get screwed. But sometimes it’s the only way you can survive.

For those who enjoy: Modern Fantasy, Dark Comedy, Ghostbusters, Horror, Light Lovecraft, and Myth. None of the things in this story are Fact, and Truth is something you decide for yourself. All I can hope to be is interesting.

Chapter 1: Horace Guest

Chapter 2: Wrong Side of the Betty

Chapter 3: Beating a Dead Horace

Chapter 4: Horace Whisperer

Chapter 5: Daned if you Do

Chapter 6: Horace Throat

Chapter 7: Horace Warming

Chapter 8: Phoebe or not Phoebe

Chapter 9: Betty or Life

Chapter 10: Horace Sense

Chapter 11: Dane to Do

Chapter 12: Horace Party

Chapter 13: A Horace is Not A Home Without You

Chapter 14: Dane to the Wire

Chapter 15: Aiding and a Betty

Chapter 16: Randall’s Well That Ends Well

Chapter 17: Betty Bye

Chapter 18: Horace Hunting


Afterthoughts and Q&A