Patreon, and Supporting the Artist

If you enjoy my work, would like to get more of it, and would like to support me at the same time, feel free to sign up for my Patreon.

Current Patreon archive
Downloadable .docx and pdf versions of Books 1-3 of Hell’s Kitchen Sink
$1 or more per month ∙ 2 patrons
At this tier, you just want to read my work. This tier comes with access to all currently written patreon material, and nothing else.
$5 or more per month ∙ 2 patrons
At this level, you receive access to a monthly poll, letting you take part in deciding what stories I’ll work on from month to month. You can also give me suggestions for stories you’d like to see; I can’t promise I’ll take them, but if I see certain characters, themes, or concepts that are popular, It’ll be persuasive.
Beta Reader
$20 or more per month ∙ 2 patrons
This is the one that requires a lot of trust. Basically, this is me sharing the stories with you as I write them, for feedback, and for your reactions, long before they’re published. No editing is necessarily required, but if you feel like it, I won’t turn it down. Please don’t spoil what you find out.