Dane Larson, done by Audere Draws


Tyger Tyger, burning bright

Sometimes there aren’t any protagonists around. Sometimes, the big names are busy somewhere else. But the day still needs to be saved. Ariel’s a goddess who’s settling an old score. Li Fang Fen is a walking corpse trying to stay on her feet. And Dane Larson just wants things to be sane in her town again. All three were given a side character status in life, their moments of glory stolen from them, or never seized. They were the supporting cast in someone else’s story. Now, they can’t afford to stay in the background. New York City is being torn apart in a fit of serial killer violence. And it’s becoming clear that something’s wrong. Fifteen murders and nobody’s been caught, no justice has been meted out. The city is still recovering from the plague, and things are ready to take a serious downwards turn.

Poisoners, reapers, femme fatales, slashers, psychos, and worse are flooding the city. The only people standing between them and a killing field are a goddess with her hands tied, a crippled jiangshi, and a broken woman. When they’re deprived of the big guns, the people they can trust, the question is whether they can still stand up to the darkness, or whether they’ll be in over their heads. And dying in the line of duty is far from the worst fate waiting for them.

For those who enjoy: Horror, Serial Killers, Martial Arts Action, Dark Fucking Times, and Myth. This is probably going to get the darkest of any of the stories I’ve done so far. Some decent people are forced to suffer terribly, and some bad people get away with what they did. Enjoy.

Arc 1: Beast

Chapter 1: Paint It Black
Chapter 2: Memories in Shadow
Chapter 3: Reflection
Chapter 4: Humans Are Such Easy Prey

Arc 2: Preta

Chapter 5: Slum Lord
Chapter 6: Uprising
Chapter 7: Discover
Chapter 8: Legend of the Keeper

Arc 3: Asura

Chapter 9: Other Side of the Truth
Chapter 10: In The Summertime
Chapter 11: People who Died
Chapter 12: Minuit

Arc 4: Hell

Chapter 13: In the Face of Evil
Chapter 14: Infinite
Chapter 15: Retrogram
Chapter 16: The Sword of Truth

Arc 5: Deva

Chapter 17: The Curse
Chapter 18: Windy
Chapter 19: Only Way In
Chapter 20: Battlefield

Arc 6: Human

Chapter 21: Kill Them All
Chapter 22: Journey’s End
Chapter 23: The Way Home
Chapter 24: The Beginning