Chapter 9: Second Prize, Two Weeks in Philadelphia

The child looked up at her mother, and her grandmother stood further still behind. All three shared hair of the deepest black but few other things connected them, save for their mien of iron and blood. They were brutal women and heartless. And yet I saw on the girl’s cheek a single tear trailing down, a trace of salt, regret for what she had to do, for she would taste mortality but know all along that it was temporary.

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Temporary schedule change

To deal with a bit of slowdown, I’m shifting my schedule; Tuesdays are novellas, four chapters a month, Sundays are continuations of the main novel. If I have good progress on the next novel, I might move back to the previous schedule; I’m dealing with the usual issues, simple straightforward combination of ‘day job’, ‘loved ones need attention’, and ‘does anyone care about what I’m writing’, the usual stuff. A big part is just to make sure that I have a constant stream of entertainment to keep people involved, so I don’t vanish like I kind of did last year!

Case Files 2: Giants, Ogres, and the King and Queen of Binghamton’s Summer Court.


Height is power. Height is attractiveness. If you’re a man, anyway; A tall woman is attractive only to a certain subset of men. But regardless, being tall is almost always a great advantage. It shows you’ve had proper nutrition, it gives you greater leverage and ability to intimidate, it forces others to look up to you. Height has always been an advantage. Therefore, there have always been short people who resented the tall for their vast prowess and advantages. (Li Fang Fen: Alright, I can take a hint, I just said that the heels seemed like overkill. You don’t have to get defensive about it.)

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