A Big Bright Shining Star Chapter 1: Foreplay

It was midnight on the streets of Los Angeles. The date was late September of 2016. The sun had set, and the world was still bright and shining. The temperature was stuck in the default 68 degrees that had been written into the very nature of California, like an angel on the tramp stamp of the continent. The clouds in the sky were lit brilliantly from below by the vast expenditures of energy, banishing the night everywhere except the alleyways. A young woman stepped off of her bus, and into the world.

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Guest Fiction: Tale of The Oak Leaf

Over the last few months, a Dutch Patreon patron of mine, and a long-time follower, worked on a bit of a story set in Hell’s Kitchen Sink, set in Binghamton, around the same time that Actus Deus is happening! I helped him out with some editing and making sure it fit the physics and realities of Hell’s Kitchen Sink! Check it out on his Deviantart, https://www.deviantart.com/zincwing, or read it right below the ‘read more’ link! It’s a thrilling thing to have someone interested enough to want to write stories in something I’ve done! I sincerely hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 20: A Goddess walked into a bar. Her lawyer ducked.

“I’m glad you made up your mind,” said Athena, a warm smile on her face. “I had been concerned. It’s been a somewhat trying year. For both of us, I imagine.” Her smile faded, and her eyes went down. “I’m sorry about your friends. About Alfred, and about Polly. Betrayal hurts, and there are few betrayals greater than a hero’s death.”

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