Delectable Corpse Afterthoughts

Hell’s Kitchen Sink will resume on Tuesday, December 20th, with Amok, a story starring Ariel from A Serpent in Zion, Dane Larson from Catfished, and Li Fang Fen from Delectable Corpse. In the meantime, we’ve got a couple things upcoming. First, and most importantly, is a poll. See, I’d like to monetize Hell’s Kitchen Sink someday, and I don’t know that I’ll ever be the right person for publishing books through a traditional publisher. Luckily, there are alternatives; Patreon, self-publishing. But I want to add a little spice to those pots, something beyond just ‘hey, pay me or I won’t write anymore.’ So in that spirit, the first poll is simple: Which character would you like to see get a short story, around the same size as the other Little Myths, covering their time between Delectable Corpse and Amok? This doesn’t include every character I’ve written- Some of them, I’m avoiding for plot reasons.

Heather, Dean, Li Xue Zi, and Jenny Nishi are the four I’ve selected for this. I also have plans for some novellas coming up to cover characters in the future, as a way to expand things a bit. You can vote for more than one, so as to make sure that every character you’re interested in gets a nod.

Next Tuesday, we’ve got a short story, Bad Days, featuring the return of a favorite character who’s been away for a while.

In the next seven days, you can send questions to me; Either asks on tumblr, e-mails to, or comments on Hell’s Kitchen Sink, about Delectable Corpse, characters, lingering uncertainties, and so forth. Anything that I don’t think will spoil future stories is game, and will get posted in a week.

The character polls continue! Same rules as always, you can choose up to 5 characters that you want to see more of.

Horace, Betty, Li Xue Zi, Dane, and Phoebe all managed to get some solid votes, and though there were less votes than there were for A Serpent in Zion, I still take it as a positive. Horace came first with 16 votes, Betty just behind with 15, Li Xue Zi got 14, Dane Larson got 12, and Phoebe managed the same 12. Randall got only 6 votes, with the same for the neighborhood watch, and a mere 4 for Harold- appropriately enough. ¬†Interestingly, Randall saw a significantly greater portion of the population who thought he’d make a better protector than Betty, who only barely managed to beat out ‘I’ll take death, please’. Harsh!

For this round’s esoteric poll, which do you think is more tragic: an immortal dying for the sake of a mortal, or a mortal dying for the sake of an immortal?

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