Amok Afterthoughts

Hell’s Kitchen Sink will resume March 25th, with A Stranger in Paradise, featuring a hero who’s been missing from the series for a bit… First, the monetization thing!

There are three directions I could take with Hell’s Kitchen Sink. The first is selling e-books on Amazon Kindle; Most likely, I’d write 60,000-word short novels, or 3-packs of 20,000-word novellas, and put them up for four dollars apiece on Amazon’s KDP. ┬áThe second is starting a patreon; Giving people patron-exclusive novels and short stories on a monthly basis, and letting them vote on what they’d like to see me write. The third is just saying ‘hell with it’ and continuing to only do it as a hobby. For certain reasons, largely related to the nature of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited plan, it would be self-defeating to follow more than one of these three directions.

Advantages of Kindle: You can choose which of the things I write that you want to grab. Simpler for everyone involved. Weight of ages.

Disadvantages of Kindle: Harder to give things away for free. Somewhat more limited in connections.

Advantages of Patreon: Closer relationship between the writer and those who support them. Strokes my ego more directly. If I was backed at a high enough level and people were interested, I could give the stories out for free to everyone.

Disadvantages of Patreon: Higher investment per person, more trust needed, “new things are a scam”.

Advantages of saying ‘Hell with it’: You don’t feel obligated to pay me anything.

Disadvantages of saying ‘Hell with it’: I feel severe depression, you don’t get extra Hell’s Kitchen Sink stories.

So, here’s a poll.

On to the character poll!

As per usual, if you have questions you want to answer, ask them here, or e-mail them to

As for general thoughts… Well, there are a few noteworthy ones here, I suppose. Let’s start with the naming themes. For the chapters, I went with songs; With a notable emphasis on The Magic Sword, though I also tossed in a few Perturbator songs, something from Legend of Mana, and even The Association’s Windy, because how could I not. For the arcs, I took inspiration from the six planes of buddhist thought. They’re arranged from lowest to highest spiritual evolution as: Hell, Preta (hungry ghost), Beast, Asura, Human, Deva; But, worthy of note, only those on the plane of humans can achieve Nirvana. How’s THAT for your Humanity, Fuck Yeah tenor.

This story was me trying to give some characters who could have been heroes, but never got the spotlight, that chance. Well, except poor Ariel. She got hosed there, didn’t she? But she learned an important lesson, and one that’s going to be central in the next story.

People are strongest when they’re together.

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