Amok Q&A

Well, not a lot in the way of questions, this time around; C’est la vie! But some decent stuff happening nonetheless. First, well, even fewer actual votes for the character poll than I’ve gotten before… Makes me wonder whether I should even bother continuing with them, but considering how low-effort they are and how they still help me get a feeling for the characters people like, I probably will anyway. Ariel got top at 7 votes; Li Fang Fen and Jack Knife got 6 each, and poor Dane only got 2. That leaves Jack Black and Jack and Jill at 1 vote each, with Jackass, Jackfruit, and Jackal at 0 each; Poor bastards. But not exactly surprising.

In more monetary terms, there’s an overwhelming preference for Patreon style things. Here’s the preview link for what I’ve put together.

Let me break it down

Main Stories: These are the novels; Books 1-4 and any future books in Hell’s Kitchen Sink. These are free. They will remain free.

Short Stories: These are the short stories I write between the larger books to keep people up to date on what’s happening in the various stories. These are free. 

Novellas: The current plan is, once a month, I’ll write a 20,000 word novella- About 4 chapters long. The first chapter will be posted on Hell’s Kitchen Sink. The rest will be available only to people who back the Patreon.

Reward Short Stories: If I reach 60 dollars a month- my usual commission price for a 10k word story- there’ll be an additional story, shared with everyone.

Now, the rewards for backing.

At least 1 dollar a month: You get the novellas. You also get access to pdfs of all the stories and short stories I do. You basically get to read anything you like. This may seem a fairly cheap price. That’s kind of the intent. You may be asking ‘Hah hah, what if I just pay for one month, download everything, then skedaddle?’ Or ‘Hahaha, what if I just download them and share them on torrent sites’? Then you can do that. I will probably feel a little torn up inside, but I understand if you do. It might even get more people interested in reading these stories.

At least 5 dollars a month: The Voter option. Once a month, I’ll do a poll for an upcoming novella, and people can vote on which options they’d like to see, or toss up their own suggestions at me; I may not necessarily take them, but you never know. If we reach the $60 dollar reward short story, you’ll also be entered into a drawing for the monthly short story. This is subject to my approval, but I’ll write something that fits for you.

At least 20 dollars a month: The Beta Reader option. This is for people who A: really like the idea of supporting me and B: really want to see what I’m writing early. I’ll share my work with you as I draft it, which means it’ll probably be more prone to changes, spelling errors, and so forth- Though I try to make sure that everything I write looks at least half-decent on the first pass-through. In return, I ask that you not share it around publicly to ruin people’s fun. Any drafts will likely be in .docx format. And yes, this does mean you’d get to see the ending of A Stranger in Paradise immediately, and if it’s worth 20 dollars to you to see it in April rather than July, so be it.

I’ll be opening up the Patreon at the beginning of April, with the first novella, Black and White, which is going to revolve around Alfred, Jenny, and a returning villain.

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