Hell’s Kitchen Sink Q&A

Q: Are we going to get more of Silas Nash? – Hazzard, and numerous others.

Yes. Nash is probably not going to be the protagonist of the future stories, although he’ll be a major viewpoint character of the future Serpent in Zion stories. To a certain degree, I’m inspired by the old Marvel levels- That is, there are three levels of heroes: Street, World, and Cosmic. Nash has been, suddenly and unexpectedly, thrust into the Cosmic level of the setting, set against one of the most powerful and merciless forces for the destruction of the world that exists, aiming to snuff out humanity entirely. He has also become a symbol for what a human being is capable of. I’d very much like to have him show up in some of the other storylines I’ve got floating around in my head at some point, because a recurring theme of this setting is going to be mundane human protagonists.

Q: Also, have you thought about going back over this, and submitting it to a publisher? It’s really damn good. – Hazzard

I have. And ultimately, my posting it on Tumblr and WordPress is my way of saying ‘I’m not going to try to publish this traditionally.’ Most publishers don’t want to republish something that’s already been put up. I’ve had some modest success posting this- A few thousand views- which is enough to make me feel positive about it, but I’d need to have ridiculous, unprecedented success to make a real publishing company or agent interested in it. I’m a bit depressive about the whole prospect of getting something published.

Q: Will we see more of Pearl and her sisters? -van den Berg

Absolutely. They’re one of the major features of the cosmology of the setting, although they may take other forms than the ones they’ve had here, which are primarily Greek-inspired.

Q: Is Cassandra the new MC?- A Real Big Guy

No, although she will be the MC of a future story. She’s taken her first step towards being a hero, which is to decide that she’s going to do something about the way the world is going.

Q: Is Silas going to quit the FBI? -Anon

Yes. I’ve got plans for a short story to write at some point in about 6 months, that will be leading in to the sequel to A Serpent in Zion, which will show some of the things that happen between books. Silas will not be a member of the FBI when he returns.

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