December Novella: When We Do Wrong

This month’s Patreon novella is When We Do Wrong. The whole thing is available on my Patreon, along with- at this point- a whole 9 others, for only a dollar a month! For five dollars a month, you can also vote for the novellas I do in the future, and have a chance at a free 10,000 word commission. Starting for February, the choices are

The Daring Adventures of Captain Rock Dove: Nazi War Hawks Terrorize the Skies! : Pulp, Action, Comedy. The Year is 1940. The Battle for France has been lost; The Battle for Britain now begins. In desperation to destroy Britain’s air defences, Hitler turns increasingly to powers he does not know how to control; Awakening an ancient Egyptian demon of flight and violence. Only one man can stop him: Captain Rock Dove, Commander of the Allied Pigeons. Can the hard-drinking, cigarette-smoking, two-winged commander face up to this threat without soiling some poor bastard’s coat? Find out, in The Daring Adventures of Captain Rock Dove!

Still Life: Horror, Post-Apocalypse, Romance. A young man wakes up to find the world suddenly emptied. Wandering the streets, he finds that the only other things are what he terms the Mannequins, plastic dolls that only move while he isn’t watching them. While slow and not particularly strong, he nonetheless finds himself being stalked by them, staying constantly ahead of their approaches. Then, he hears a radio signal being broadcast from nearby- By another human. Specifically, a young woman.

A Big, Bright, Shining Star: Sex Comedy, Action. A mysterious figure has been scouring the San Fernando Valley’s criminal underbelly for the better part of a week, claiming to be the goddess Ishtar, threatening to punish mankind for their sins- though her method of punishment is a bit unusual. The entrenched demonic figures in San Fernando Valley don’t want an outsider horning in on their business, but if she is who she claims to be, they may not stand a chance… Not to mention that the criminals she’s punished have been unsettlingly eager to do what she wants.

Chapter 1: Grievous Bodily Harm

“God, not another one.”

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