Secrets Chapter 4: Campfire

It was, I thought, a truly beautiful evening. The sun stood on the horizon, still casting down enough golden light for us to see. The campground was empty of people, nobody interested in camping here at the moment. Rutted tracks were visible in the ground, where people had driven up to the campsite. Dark patches where people had put up their tents. Evidence that this had been a popular place, once. Now, it was empty and quiet.

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April Patreon Novella

As is pretty much expected for someone who writes, I’ve fallen behind on things; Life, obligations, and so forth. Catching up now! Here’s the April Novella, Secrets- looking at the lives of those who walk in the backgrounds of Hell’s Kitchen Sink.

Entire thing is available here, for just a dollar!

The first of four chapters follows.

Chapter 1: Bella

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