Chapter 4: Threescore and Ten

The walk back through the darkness was unpleasant. I’d been told I would die many times before, by both friend and foe. Sometimes it was a warning. Sometimes it was a threat. Sometimes it was just a hope. It had never been a prophecy. Christians were big into their prophecy, although they seldom admitted it. They thought God had everything worked out in advance, and even stranger, they thought it was all going to be okay.

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Black and White

This month’s Patreon story is Black and White. A 20,000 word, 4 chapter Novella, this story focuses primarily on Alfred, sword-wielding Iron Knight of Binghamton, his background, and his nature. Set in the aftermath of Amok, and the return of Li Fang Fen to Binghamton, he finds himself charged with tracking down and stopping Jack Black by his mother. Major characters are Alfred, Jenny Nishi, and Jack Black. This one is a bit of an adventure story, diving into other worlds and so forth. If you’re interested in the whole thing after I hook you with this first chapter, you can sign up for my Patreon; Just $1 dollar a month gets you all the stories I’ll put up on there! Later this month, the first poll will be taken of said Patreon-members, to see what stories people are interested in. I’ve already decided on the stories for April, May, and June, but you’ll be in a position to vote on what July’s story will be, and vote going forward. I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 3: In His Own Image

I woke up with my arms wrapped tightly around a pillow, and grumbled. The bed was uncomfortably empty. and Horace was nowhere to be found. That irritated me until I remembered where I was, and where he was, which tufearrned irritation to depression. I crawled out of bed and found the extremely jittery looking Sergeant Major, a cup of coffee in one hand, his eyes narrowed. “I thought you said we were going to Prester John’s first thing.”

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